Challenges for Change: A crowd-sourced brainstorming session

Satellite Workshop, June 22, 2022

Schedule is in Eastern Daylight Time (New York time, UTC - 4:00)


13:00 Opening Valerie Freeman (Oklahoma State University) & Paul De Decker (Memorial University of Newfoundland), Workshop Organizers

Session A

13:05 Flash talks (5-6 min each)  
  What if remote data collection is not feasible?
Giovina Angela del Rosso (Roma Tre University & Sapienza University of Rome)
  Remote control: a discussion of participant variability in web-based research
Yoojin Kang & Jennifer Nycz (Georgetown University)
  Population stats on digital literacy, smartphone makes, room acoustics, and hardware in remote data collection Adrian Leemann, Carina Steiner, & Péter Jeszenszky (University of Bern)
13:25 Discussion  
13:45 Break  

Session B

13:55 Flash talks (5-6 min each)  
  Signed language research under social distancing
Amelia Becker (Georgetown University)
  Child speech perception online and in-person: measuring and managing differences
Tara McAllister (New York University), Jonathan L. Preston (Syracuse University), Laura Ochs & Elaine R. Hitchcock (Montclair State University)
  Participant error in online production data collection in Gorilla
Lisa Sullivan (University of Toronto)
14:15 Discussion  
14:35 Break  

Session C

14:45 Flash talks (5-6 min each)  
  Collecting quality speech data remotely: is there an app for that?
Joshua Penney & Ben Davies (Macquarie University)
  Developing an R tool for web-based speech data collection
Abbey L. Thomas & Peter F. Assmann (University of Texas, Dallas)
  Collecting data through online game applets
Yoolim Kim (Korea Institute, Harvard University)
15:05 Discussion  

Open Discussion

15:25 Audience challenges & open discussion  
15:55 Closing