Invited Speakers


Changes in Space


Field Work

Invited Speaker
James Kirby
University of Edinburgh


Christian DiCanio
University of New York at Buffalo



Online experimentation

Invited Speaker
Rachel Theodore
University of Connecticut


Georgia Zellou
University of California, Davis



Corpus Phonetics and Phonology

Invited Speaker
Eleanor Chodroff
University of York


Yao Yao
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Changes in Time


Language Acquisition and Attrition

picture of megha sundara

Invited Speaker
Megha Sundara
University of California, Los Angeles


picture of charles chang

Charles Chang
Boston University



Diverse Trajectories in Language Development over the Lifespan

picture of carolyn quam

Invited Speaker
Carolyn Quam
Portland State University


picture of alexander francis

Alexander Francis
Purdue University



Analytic Approaches

picture of timo roettger

Invited Speaker
Timo Roettger
University of Oslo


pictures of jonathan harrington and michele gubian

Jonathan Harrington and Michele Gubian
Ludwig Maximilians Universität München