LabPhon18: Phonology in a Rapidly Changing World

LabPhon18 is over!

Our thanks to everyone who participated in the great success of LabPhon18.  Materials will be available on Whova until September 2022, so please feel free to revisit any of the wonderful talks or posters you may have missed!  



Since March 2020, we have all been faced with a rapidly changing environment, as we adjust to life in a socially-distanced world.  For researchers in laboratory phonology, this has impacted not only the methods of our research, but also the topics that we choose to investigate.

The theme of this LabPhon is CHANGE, and the many meanings that CHANGE encompasses. This may include changes in the spaces where we conduct our work, from field-work sites or labs to online sites, and from formal settings to more natural conversations that can be captured in corpora. It may also include changes in time, such as in the development of language that occurs across the lifespan, or advances in the analytic approaches we use to understand our data.


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