Biennial Conference on Laboratory Phonology

The biennial Conference on Laboratory Phonology brings together researchers across the many relevant disciplines to present work on the phonological patterns and structures of natural languages. All oral paper sessions are plenary, and are organized to promote discussion across the disciplines. Each session groups together invited and submitted talks on a conference theme and ends with a talk by an invited discussant followed by an open discussion by the entire conference audience. Since the second conference in 1989, there have also been one or more poster sessions, which also are plenary, and there have been satellite events such as parasessions and workshops at some of the conferences as well.

Next Conference: LabPhon19

LabPhon19 (2024), Seoul, Korea

  • The 19th Conference on Laboratory Phonology will be hosted by Hanyang Institute for Phonetics and Cognitive Sciences of Language (HIPCS), Hanyang University in Seoul, Korea, June 27-29, 2024.   With the theme Where speech sounds meet the architecture of the grammar and beyond, the conference aims to explore how phonetic detail and its systematic interaction with higher order structures is reflected in the architecture of the grammars of spoken and signed languages. The LabPhon 19 website can be found at

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