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Laboratory Phonology, the journal of the Association for Laboratory Phonology, is an open-access online publication available through the Janeway platform.


Laboratory phonology is the term used for the scientific study of the encoding elements of spoken language, their organization, their grammatical function, and their role in speech. Research questions and some methods used in laboratory phonology also extend naturally to the parallel investigation of manual signs (and non-manual gestures) as the encoding elements of signed languages.

Laboratory phonology is at the forefront of the general shift towards experimental and quantitative approaches to the study of language across the discipline of linguistics. It is emerging as the dominant approach to the study of sound systems at universities across North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and at many other locations.


From September 7, 2021 onwards, the journal Laboratory Phonology is published through the Janeway platform, run by the Open Library of Humanities (OLH), as a fully open access journal. The journal only appears in online format. From 2016-2021, the journal Laboratory Phonology was published by Ubiquity Press, supported by a grant from the Association of Dutch Universities (VSNU). Volumes 1 (2010) till 6 (2015) of Laboratory Phonology were published by Mouton de Gruyter in print and online format. Individual members of the Association for Laboratory Phonology received the journal as part of their membership. Articles from the first six volumes are now freely available from Mouton de Gruyter's website.

Indexing and Affiliations

Laboratory Phonology is indexed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) as well as in Web of Science and Scopus. It is listed in Journal Impact Factors (JIF) 2020 as having a JIF of 1.667.

Free Journal Network LingOA Open Library of Humanities Laboratory Phonology is a member of the Free Journal Network as well as of the DOAJ. The open access nature of publication in Laboratory Phonology is made possible by the generous support of the Linguistics in Open Access foundation (LingOA), with long-term funding provided by the Open Library of Humanities (OLH).



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Editorial Team

General Editors

  • Alan Yu - University of Chicago (from 2022)
  • Lisa Davidson - New York University (from 2022)

Associate Editors

  • Bettina Braun - University of Konstanz (from 2022)
  • Christian DiCanio - University at Buffalo (from 2022)
  • James Kirby - University of Munich (from 2017)
  • Eva Reinisch - Austrian Academy of Sciences (from 2018)
  • Jason Shaw - Yale University (from 2022)
  • Abby Walker - Virginia Tech (from 2021)
  • Yao Yao - Hong Kong Polytechnic University (from 2022)

Editorial Assistants

  • Elizabeth Cornell
  • Bernardo Rechea

Editorial Board

  • Ioana Chitoran - Université Paris Diderot
  • Taehong Cho - Hanyang University
  • Jennifer Cole - University of Illinois
  • Mariapaola D'imperio - Rutgers University
  • Matthew Goldrick - Northwestern University
  • Martine Grice - University of Cologne
  • Jennifer Hay - University of Canterbury
  • Kenneth de Jong - Indiana University
  • D. Robert Ladd - University of Edinburgh
  • Jeff Mielke - North Carolina State University
  • Peggy Mok - Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Rachid Ridouane - CNRS/Sorbonne Nouvelle
  • Miquel Simonet - University of Arizona
  • Caroline Smith - University of New Mexico
  • Paul Warren - Victoria University of Wellington

Previous Series

The journal Laboratory Phonology continues a series of peer-reviewed archival volumes published roughly biennially since 1991. The series was called Papers in Laboratory Phonology for volumes 1 through 6 and Laboratory Phonology for volumes 7 through 10.

  1. Papers in Laboratory Phonology 1
  2. Papers in Laboratory Phonology 2
  3. Papers in Laboratory Phonology 3
  4. Papers in Laboratory Phonology 4
  5. Papers in Laboratory Phonology 5
  6. Papers in Laboratory Phonology 6
  7. Laboratory Phonology 7
  8. Laboratory Phonology 8
  9. Laboratory Phonology 9
  10. Laboratory Phonology 10

Other Publications

The Association for Laboratory Phonology is also a sponsor for the Studies in Laboratory Phonology series of monographs published by Language Science Press, a publisher of peer-reviewed open-access books in linguistics.