Coffee, Reception & Banquet

 All-Day Coffee and Refreshments: Catering to Every Moment. 

To elevate social and intellectual exchanges by addressing individual preferences for moments when coffee or sweets are desired, we are thrilled to provide coffee, tea, and refreshments at any time during the day. This service is available even before the official start of the conference (for example, at 8:20 AM), specifically catering to those who enjoy their morning coffee accompanied by light snacks as an alternative to breakfast.

Opening Day Reception (Thursday, June 27) 

The opening day reception, courtesy of HIPCS, will feature a complimentary standing full dinner buffet for registered conference attendees. This event will offer attendees, especially students, the opportunity to engage with fellow members in a welcoming environment.

Banquet on the Second Day (Friday, June 28, 19:00-21:30) 


A Special Discounted Rate for Students: We are very pleased to announce that the hosting institute HIPCS will offer a special discounted rate for students, subsidizing $30 of the banquet ticket cost for each student who registers for the main conference by the Late Registration deadline. This initiative aims to foster networking among students and other members during a social event, set against the stunning backdrop of the Han River in Seoul.  We eagerly look forward to seeing you all, engaging in valuable social and intellectual exchanges through this unique gathering. 

Banquet Venue

Step into the enchanting world of Some Sevit, Seoul's trio of illuminated floating islands, seamlessly bridged to the mainland. This architectural marvel on the Han River is not just a visual treat but a beacon of culture and leisure. Imagine your conference banquet under the star-like LED lights, where inspiration meets tranquility. Here, every island weaves business with pleasure, offering state-of-the-art meeting spaces, dining with spectacular city views, and inviting leisure facilities. Some Sevit isn't just a venue; it's an experience. Join us for an unforgettable evening that promises more than just a gathering—it's a vibrant journey to the heart of Seoul's innovation and beauty. Let's come together at Some Sevit, where moments turn into cherished memories.

Our banquet will be held at the heart of Some Sevit, featuring a buffet with an unforgettable array of Korean-style cuisines from which you can choose. 


Banquet Venue  some sevit

Click here for more information for the banquet location:  SOME SEVIT


How to Get there

On the second day of the conference (Friday, June 28th, 2024), we will gather in the parking lot at 18:00 and depart from the university by bus at 18:30.

For attendees from outside the university:

Walking directions from Express Bus Terminal Station:

Banquet Ticket Information

We are delighted to inform you that banquet tickets for LabPhon 19 with reduced prices are available exclusively alongside your online conference registration. This unique banquet promises not only an exploration of exquisite Korean-style cuisine but also offers breathtaking views of Seoul from across the Han River—a truly memorable experience not to be missed.

To ensure you don't miss out on this prestigious event, we strongly encourage you to secure your banquet ticket at the time of your conference registration. This is an excellent opportunity to network, enjoy fantastic food, and take in the stunning scenery that Seoul has to offer.

Pricing Structure:

  • Early Registration: Benefit from a reduced price on banquet tickets by registering early for the conference. This special rate is available only during the Early Registration period.
  • Late Registration: Banquet tickets purchased during the Late Registration phase will be available at a higher price. We recommend early registration to take advantage of the discounted rates.  There will be further special discounted rate for students after the Late Registration deadline.
  • On-site Registration: Banquet tickets purchased during the On-site Registration phase will be subject to availability, but certainly at a full price higher than the on-line registration prices. 

We urge all attendees to plan accordingly and secure their banquet tickets during the early registration phase to enjoy the best rates.

Registration Types  Regular (non-students) A special discounted
rate for students
Rate for Children
from 6 to 12
Until June 5 $75 $45 $30
On-site  ▪️   To be announced closer to the conference date, subject to avaliability. 
 ▪️   There will be no student subsidy after the late registration. 

* The price will include drinks and rental fees for the banquet venue.