Thematic Sessions

Session 1: LabPhon for Words

Yuhyeon Seo, Olga Dmitrieva (Purdue U)
Cross-linguistic phonetic recalibration in bilingual lexical processing

Tim Zee, Louis ten Bosch, Mirjam Ernestus (Radboud U & Heinrich-Heine U; Radboud U; Radboud U)
Morphological effects in speech reduction are speaker specific and may partly originate from the words’ most frequent phonological context

Session 2LabPhon for Sentences

Buhan Guo, Nino Grillo, Sven Mattys, Andrea Santi, Shayne Sloggett, Giuseppina Turco (U of York; U of York; U of York; U College London; U of York; Laboratoire de Linguistique Formelle, UMR 7110, CNRS/Université Paris Cité)
The Garden Path Leading to Intonational Phonology

Nele Ots (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt)
Cross-linguistic survey of intonation planning: a cognitive approach

Session 3: LabPhon for pragmatics and discourse

Jason Bishop, Chen Zhou, Mei-Ying Ki (City U of New York)
The perception of prosodic prominence: continuous or categorical—and for whom?

Byron Ahn, Alejna Brugos, Sunwoo Jeong, Stefanie Shattuck-Hufnagel, Nanette Veilleux (Princeton U; Boston U; Seoul National U; Research Laboratory of Electronics, MIT; Simmons U)
Cues to a Speaker’s Previous Beliefs in English Intonation

Session 4: LabPhon for social contexts

Elena Sheard, Jen Hay, Robert Fromont, Joshua Wilson Black, Lynn Clark (U of Canterbury)
Covarying New Zealand vowels interact with speech rate to create social meaning for NZ listeners

William Clapp, Charlotte Vaughn, Meghan Sumner (Stanford U; U of Maryland; Stanford U)
Talker-specificity effects across and within social categories

Session 5: LabPhon for non-articulatory gestures in spoken language

Kathryn Franich, Vincent Nwosu (Harvard U; U of Calgary)
Phrase Boundary and Tone Melody as Predictors of Co-Speech Gesture Timing in Igbo

Karee Garvin, Walter Dych, Eliana Spradling, Clarissa Briasco-Stewart, Kathryn Franich (Harvard U; U of Delaware; Harvard U; Harvard U; Harvard U)
Effects of co-speech gesture on magnitude and stability of oral gestures

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