Information for oral presenters

Oral presenters may upload one audio and/or video presentation up to 20 minutes in length, and/or one .pdf document (e.g., handout, slides, etc.) to the LabPhon 17 Dropbox. They will be asked to provide a draft of their slides / handout by June 1st (to be shared only with the appropriate thematic discussant) in order to facilitate the discussant’s presentation, though this may be updated before the materials are made generally available to conference attendees.

They will be given a pre-arranged time slot during the regular conference “program” (between July 6th and July 8th) in which they are asked to participate in a live 15-minute Q&A session about their presentation via Zoom Webinar. This session will be linked from their materials and open to any registered conference attendee. It will be moderated / facilitated by the conference organizers. Attendees will be able to submit questions ahead of time through the discussion board or live through the “chat” function, and the facilitator will present questions to the presenters, who will answer questions orally.

In addition, oral presenters may be asked to participate in some other pre-planned event by the discussant (see details in the discussant section).

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Please see the following pages for more information on managing your presentation: