Information for poster presenters

Poster presenters may upload one audio and/or video presentation up to 5 minutes in length, and/or one .pdf document (e.g., a poster, a short set of 3-5 slides, etc.) to the LabPhon 17 Dropbox. They will each be associated with one of four scheduled poster sessions during the regular conference program (between July 6th and July 8th) in which they are asked to be available in an individual online meeting space on the conference platform for live interaction (video and/or chat) with attendees. Poster sessions are run via Blackboard Collaborate.

This live session will be linked from their materials and open to any registered conference attendee. If desired, these sessions may also be recorded and archived for future sharing purposes. They will be scheduled at a variety of times over the three days to maximise accessibility around the world. Poster presenters will initially be assigned to one of the four sessions based on loose thematic groupings, but will be free to move to a different session that better fits their schedule (or not to participate in the live session if they prefer to work entirely asynchronously).

For practical reasons, these sessions cannot be moderated by the conference organizers. Participants will be expected to abide by a code of online conduct

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Please see the following pages for more information on managing your presentation: